Freespace: The Great War Co-Op Mod v1.0 (Beta)

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Author: Parias


This is a complete multiplayer, co-op friendly conversion of the Freespace 1 campaign (originally updated / ported by the FSPort team), designed to be played with up to three players. This special mod includes custom scripting and code to allow for cutscenes, command briefings, and red-alert missions to all function in multiplayer. Several missions have also been subtly re-balanced to increase the challenge of the game accordingly.

This is currently a beta release, and requires several new functions not currently in the base code. Until these changes are fully integrated, the new 3.7.1 executables included in this mod are needed for it to work. Please see the Freespace Conversion forums ( for additional information.

***NOTE: Ensure you go to Features --&gt; Custom Flags, and add this argument to the end: -timeout 240 - failure to do this may result in multiplayer disconnects during cutscene playback. A better solution is being researched.***

Download (5 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 230