Storm Front I - Prophecy -Full (Root and Missions)

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Author: SF-Junky

You need:
7zip to unpack the files (
FSO 3.6.9.

1. Unpack the root file into your FS2 main folder
2. Unpack the mission file into the "StormFront12" folder in your FS2 main folder (The mission file is already in the data\missions folder in this package!)
3. Start launcher, go to "mod" -> "select mod" and choose "StormFront12"
4. Launch FS, create/clone a new pilot and start "Storm Front I - Prophecy" in campaign room

The campaign includes the following mods:
GTC Amalthea added (tbl mod)
NTF Iceni replaced by GTFg Iceni (tbl mod)
NTF Boadicea replaced by ASteroide Base (tbl mod)
SG Alastor replaced by Alastor Mk2 (tbl mod)

GVF Ulysses added from FSPort
GVF Anubis added from FSPort
GVB Amuns added from FSPort

Updated Tech Room Database

[A complete List of all mods/tbl changes can be found here; but watch out for spoilers. ;-)]

Storm Front I is my first english spoken project and was originally in german language. I doublechecked it twice, but I'm sure there are still several grammar mistakes. I hope it is unterstandable halfway, anyhow. The campaign establishes its own timeline with no reference (but even disaccords) to other fan campaigns.

Download (6 MB)

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