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While looking around the Descent Chronicles I saw a great looking screenshot of the GTVX Focal Cannon in action. I tried to find the mission that went with it but I couldn't find it, either because I'm too dumb or because the author had not released the mission yet, and the screenshot was a teaser. I'm assuming that Zylon Bane in the creator of this lovely weapon since he sent in the shot.

After a while I decided to make my own focal cannon, cunningly renaming it the BigBastard cannon to avoid detection. (erm...!) I did some work on the ships and weapons tables and then made the mission. The result is quite spectacular.

Basically the cannon is made up of 3 Ganymede installations next to each other. in each "circle" there are 8 modified sentry guns positioned around at the compass points North, North East etc...
In the centre of each installation there is a Mjolnir beam sentry pointing towards the next installation. The 8 sentries around the first installation all fire into the first Mjolnir cannon which then fires a thicker beam into the next Mjolnir cannon. The sentries around the second installation then fire into the second Mjolnir, which then shoots out an even thicker beam into the next Mjolnir. Then the sentries around the third installation fire into the third Mjolnir, which fire an enormous beam the thickness of the installation itself right towards a doomed Shivan Sathanas! Then the beams all turn off at exactly the same time.

I might (in fact I probbably will) do another version with souped up sounds, if I can find a suitable overly destructive violent sound for the final beam!


I think you all know the drill! the tbl files go to the tables directory, the fs2 files to the missions directory. Well you already knew that. You should probbably have the latest version of Freespace 2 'cos that's what I'm using. And no other modifications in your data directory too. It worked for me so it MUST work for everyone else!

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