Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition single-player missions

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This pack contains all of the bonus single-player missions from FreeSpace 2 Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition.


Single-player Templar campaign
Single-player gauntlet missions
FreeSpace 2 demo missions ("Crimson Sky" and "Crisis in Capella")
11 user-created missions:
- "Calm before the Storm" by SiriusX
- "Excellence Under Fire" by Michael Pureka
- "Greyface" by Peter Drake
- "Nekhbet" by Solrazor
- "One Step Too Far" by Alex J Kirkwood
- "Rites of Passage" by Agatheron
- "The Queen" by Michael "Zarathud" Diedrich
- "The Trap" by Simon London (aka Alan Grey)
- "Third Coming" by Mr. Steven Holgate
- "Third Watch" by Nicole Hoying
- "To Destroy or Not To Destroy" by Paul "Nighthawk" Desjardins

The multiplayer missions are not included in this pack; these (and many more) are in the FS2NetD multiplayer pack:


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