The Great War- Second Wave

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Author: Omega47

It has been seven years since the great war.

The Shivans appeared out of nowhere, and took us totally by surprise. We were so absorbed in our own little war with the Vasudans, we had no chance against the Shivans. So, for the first time since the beginning of the Terran-Vasudan war, we began speaking on equal terms. Both our government and the Vasudan parliment agreed that if the Shivans were ever to be defeated, it would take both our races, working side by side.

So we fought back against the Shivans, and we were sucessful in destroying their flagship, the Lucifer. Once again, we were the most powerful race. Our alliance with the Vasudans held, and peace spread over the galaxy.

We had thought that we were safe, and that the fear and panic we had felt in the Great War would never come again. We never could have expected what happened next...

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