Esarai's Missile Pack

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Author: Esarai


This pack includes the following missiles:

Mora - The GTM-5D Mora is an improvement on the old Hornet missile so popular during the Great War. It grants pilots the ability to determine swarm size as they see fit, allowing the pilot to be as efficient as possible with their munitions.

Macana - The Macana is the next missile to fill the role of the famed Harpoon. Using similar guidance systems coupled with a depleted uranium core, advanced explosives and a more powerful motor, the Macana is slated to replace the Harpoon. Tactical simulations have shown the Macana to be a very well rounded missile, and many pilots who have the Macana available refuse to fly without it.

Yari - The new TM-59 Yari is a continuation of the Trebuchet concept for long range missile interception. With an enlarged motor and warhead, the Yari is heavier than the trebuchet, but has a greater effect on bomber formations than its predecessor. It grants fighters the ability to effectively engage hostile bombers at 4,750 meters, greatly enhancing convoy survivability.

Karambit - The GTM-47d Karambit was created to improve on a weakness in the Stiletto II design: its interceptability. The Karambit is a high velocity Depleted Uranium Kinetic Energy antisubsystem weapon that uses sheer impact force to punch through even the thickest of armor. Given that its primary role is speed, it has very low maneuverability, and cannot turn to intercept targets as well as the Stiletto II. Despite this, even the most advanced CWIS guns fielded by the Alliance are hard-pressed to stop a Karambit missile. Many pilots affectionally call it 'The Duke.'

Atgeir - The GTM-48a Atgier is a highly effective antisubsystem missile, utilizing a powerful shaped charge to puncture armor and critically damage subsystems. Its motor is nowhere near as powerful as the Karambit's, but compensates with highly advanced targetting, allowing rapid deployment and off-axis attack options.

Sibyna - The new GTM-59 Sibyna takes the Trebuchet line of defensive missiles to its logical conclusion. Featuring a massive motor and powerful payload, the Sibyna can engage all types of threats at long range, and deal with them in short order. The one downside to the Sibyna is that its large turning radius effectively nullifies it as a short-ranged weapon. It is primarily employed as the first tier of antibomber defense.

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