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Author: Aldo,Betrayal, Teeraal, Droid803,FSF,Kobrar44

GTSD Anchorage is a result of a few years of joined efforts of engineers and specialists from the most reputable GTVA corporations. This costly experimental project was financed as a part of the huge government spacecraft construction program. Its goal was to create a warship capable to encounter and repel any Shivan attack on Terran-Vasudan systems. And the goal has been achieved. The first Anchorage-class superdestroyer was built in the Liberty Shipyards in Polaris and became the most powerful argument of the Alliance in any future conflict. Nowadays, it is the biggest and the strongest warship in the GTVA navy. Designed to fight Shivan Sathanas-class juggernauts, it can easily eliminate any hostile vessel.
Standard anti-caps weaponry of the Anchorage are 7 long-range assault plasma cannons to destroy enemy critical points (such as beam cannons) from safe distance and 11 beam cannons: 4 slash-type cannons, 6 big green beams and main cannon – Huge Energy Green Beam, the most powerful weapon in the GTVA arsenal. HEGreen consists of 2 subbeams: electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and beam cannon of large power and plasma concentration. It is capable to destroy an enemy capital ship with only one shot. The main disadvantage of HEGreen is very high energy consumption. Anchorage has got two powerful reactors of type AR-02b that provide energy to this cannon as well as other systems of the ship.
Anchorage is equipped with a large fighterbay with capacity of 235 spacecrafts. Only the best and most skilled pilots can be honoured to station on Anchorage-class superdestroyer. Anti-bomber protection is provided by 36 turrets, flaks and AAAfs.
For now, there are 7 Anchorage-class units in the GTVA navy, one of which – GTSD Merdarion – is a part of the Wolf’s Fleet as its flagship.

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