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Author: Axem/Andrewofdoom/Droid803

So, here it is, a lost episode of WoD. The ever so weird Ketrans. It was an idea I've very roughly had for a long time, but WoD really inspired me to really get them together as a solid idea. Though, at the beginning, my ideas were rubbish and more than many times I had to go back to the drawing board and basically start over from scratch. Development started before completion of the first Wings of Dawn and got pretty far with them, to the point that they were referenced in WoD1 as seen here as a classical cargo joke. In the end, though, Spoon and I came to the agreement that as the plot for WoD2 finally started to solidify into something more concrete, the Ketrans really didn't have any purpose in the plot and that for them to be seen would distill the main plotline (What's the said plot you ask? Not telling!).

But, then I saw the model that is going to be released here all the time. It kept screaming to me "Put me in game! Put me in game!", and then I was compelled to finish it, and here it is.

Original concept design by AndrewofDoom
Model by Axem
UV Mapping by Droid803 (hull) and AndrewofDoom (turrets)
Textures by AndrewofDoom
POF conversion by Droid803
Final touch ups by AndrewofDoom

Download (3 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 610