Freespace Port 3.2 - For Retail

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Author: FSPort Team


With the next version of FreeSpace Open comes the next version of FreeSpace Port, and full compatibility with the latest MediaVPs!

New upgrades and enhancements include:

* Full interface art and in-game models for new weapons, including the Serkr, Vasudan Light Laser, and Barracuda!
* Remastered Command Briefing Animations optimized for high resolutions!
* Remastered Ancients and Endgame cutscenes!
* Operation Templar in a balanced, chronologically accurate single-player campaign!
* New backgrounds for asteroid field missions!
* Restoration of the classic FS1-style icons for command briefings and loadout art!

This version of FSPort is for retail FreeSpace 2. If you intend to play with FreeSpace Open, check out the enhanced version here.


As always FSPort remains retail compatible but optimized for Freespace Open. This release is fully compatible with FSO 3.6.12 and the 3.6.12 MediaVPs, with its own graphical enhancements package! This new release includes:

* Shine maps, glow maps, and normal maps for all classic ships!
* High-poly enhanced models for the PVF Anubis, PVSC Imhotep, and Vasudan Asteroid Base!
* Upgraded special effects, including beam cannon blowthrough, flaming debris, flashing bomb detonations, and more!

Download (347 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 1098