Into The Depths of Hell | Chapters 1-4

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Author: Noise


Chapters 1-4 of Into The Depths of Hell in one convenient package!


Into The Depths of Hell Chapter 1: The Long Road Home

The grestest threat to the GTVA since the Lucifer has been resolved. The Sathanas juggernaut was destroyed, and the worlds of the GTVA safe from Shivan invasion.

The time to re-enter the Nebula has come. Although the shadow of the Sathanas still hangs over the GTVA, elements of the Third Fleet proceed with confidence. The GTD Eternity, now repaired and reinforced with two squadrons of SOC pilots, joins the new offensive against the Shivans.

But those who are more intuned with the Shivan train of thought are skeptical. Despite the damage suffered by the Collossus, the victory over the Sathanas was almost... easy.


Into The Depths of Hell Chapter 2: The Evacuation of Gamma Draconis

With the Capella supernova shockwave coming closer towards Gamma Draconis everyday, the Capellan refugees make ready to depart after two years. But there is still time, and the trapped GTVA fleet plans on training hard until the day comes that it must leave Gamma Draconis behind. For many, Gamma Draconis had become their new home, and leaving it would be hard. It would be an orderly evacuation, unless the Shivans decided to take some curiosity in Gamma Draconis’s imminent destruction.


Into The Depths of Hell Chapter 3: At All Costs

Deep within Shivan territory and for the most part undetected, the Exiles make a startling discovery, capital ship shield generators meant for warships. It turns out that the Lucifer of the First Great War was a prototype on its maiden voyage, and now the Shivans are ready to put the generators into mass production. The Exiles have no idea how extensive the Shivan project is, but one thing is for certain, it must be stopped at all costs.


Into the Depths of Hell Chapter 4: Battle At The Edge of Oblivion

The SSD Diablo had been destroyed and the Shivans attempts to bring warship shields into full production halted. Just when it seemed like a reprieve was at hand, fate proved that the Shivans weren't done with the Exiles quite yet. The only option was to run and hope that fate didn't have any more nasty surprises in store.

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