GTCa Canberra v1.0

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Author: Black Wolf

The TV War era GTCa Canberra:

The GTCa Canberra is the GTA's mainline starfighter carrier. First deployed by national and planetary stellar navies before the formation of the GTA, these vessels have been, in one upgraded iteration after another, a common sight in Terran fleets for almost three decades. The key to their longevity is their simplicity of design - the Canberra is barely more than a box with a subspace drive. They are weakly armoured and minimally armed, with a quartet of missile turrets their only deterrent against enemy fighters. Their true strength, of course, lies in their fighter complement. A fully loaded Canberra can deploy two full squadrons of fighters or bombers, and several accessory craft, and can be stocked with enough fuel, ammunition and supplies to stay running for nearly two months without support.

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