Ancient Shivan War Act 1

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Author: ASW Team


One year and a half after the idea was conceived, we have finally decided to release the first act of the Ancient-Shivan War mod. We've done our best to bring you an enjoyable mod with quite some eyecandy - you are hereby kindly invited to download and enjoy!

Apart from the ASW team, kudos go to Aldo, Nighteyes, Flaming_Sword, Hunter, a guy called "Ryan Main" and Inferno.

This mod was made for use with the official 3.6.10 FSO build and MediaVPs. We are not responsible for errors that may occur when using anything else.

Patch for non-English versions and 3.6.11 builds by Jeff Vader - place in FreeSpace2\ASW\ with the other VPs

Download (216 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 1224