Meditations on the Abyss Chapter 1

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Author: Akalabeth Angel


Meditations on the Abyss - Chapter 01 Version 1.1
For FS2 Retail

Yes, that's right an FS2 Retail Campaign. What the hell? This is Chapter 1 of some over-ambitious campaign I started some years ago, I completed quite a few missions and then got very busy. Well, since I'm not busy at the moment I thought I'd at least finish the first chapter and release it. All Fredding, playtesting and playing was done using FS2 Retail, however I _assume_ that it'll work just fine with FSOpen. I would run FSOpen but without a real graphics card, the program crashes whenever I see a shockwave from a bomb or large ship exploding. It's unlikely that I'll ever finish the campaign, when first detailed out it was some 60 missions or so. But you never know, stranger things have happened. Any FREDing I do would probably be better served helping out another campaign, though with everyone doing FSOpen it would be a little hard to contribute at the moment.

You play the role of Miranda Doué, the only daughter in a family of long-standing military tradition. Unlike most pilots, you yearn for assignments with low prestige. You'd rather spend your career behind the scenes, contributing to the well being of the GTVA rather than in the limelight of the frontlines. However, fate has something else in store for you.

-About a half dozen new single player missions
-Two types of missions: Very Boring and Very Hard
-Several 3rd Party ships from various authors (credited in readme), and from FSPort. Plus a couple table mods by me.
-Lots and lots of dialogue, much of it rather poorly written
-Note that this is designed as the intro to a larger campaign, so the first few missions are kinda slow. Similar to how Derelict and Homesick are both slow in the beginning. Most of the fun missions are near the end (well, one of them is fun anyway).

1. The campaign does make some references to the events and ships of both Derelict and Warzone. However, I the sole author, have no association with those campaigns nor do I know who even made them, except of course that some of them are now involved with BWO. The references to Derelict/Warzone were made more for the sake of building upon past work, and most importantly because I wanted to use the GTFf Saphah. haha
2. Note that I have playtested each and every one of these missions quite extensively, however as the author, there still may be some large mission killing bugs that I'm unaware of simply because I'm unable to do the unexpected. Typically in those situations I do try to give some help in the messages so that the player can avoid breaking it the next time.
3. Some of the missions have a lot of dialogue, followed by combat. In extreme cases I have tried to make the combat fairly easy so the player doesn't have to go through all the damn dialogue again, but my definition of easy may differ from yours.
4. I have in many cases tried to create some unique missions, which are different from what I've seen before. However there are so many campaigns already, most of which I haven't played so that may not be the case. Also, if you feel that I've somehow ripped off a mission from an FSOpen campaign know that it's complete coincidence since I can't even play those darn missions! GRrrrrr
5. I hope it works in FSOpen but I honestly don't have a clue. Some of the 3rd party ships may look like crap due to them not having all the fancy glow textures and whatnot that have been added to the other FS2 ships. EDIT: One thing that doesn't seem to work is that the generic.wav isn't registering for the messages when I started the first mission, dunno what the problem is.
6. Apologies in advance to all Russians.

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