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Author: Ransom Arceihn


From Release Post:

This isn't my next big campaign. It's a side project I began in February because the idea hit me like the blunt side of a hammer and I needed a break from my other campaign.

What this is is a few things. It's a proof of concept, it's me stretching my FREDing legs, and it's an experiment in storytelling. Far from the unwieldy length of Transcend, though, this one's a bite-sized four missions. Specifically, it's a very rudimentary implementation of tactics-based gameplay in the FS engine. It's far from an RTS, but it's certainly not regular Freespace gameplay either.

I make no guarantees about how much fun this is to play. It may very well be no fun at all. As I said, it's a proof of concept. And I'm sure some of the more advanced FREDers here are going to tear their faces off when they see the messes I've almost certainly made.


The campaign's designed to be played on medium difficulty and with these custom flags: "-ambient_factor 200 -nomotiondebris"
Requires a recent build of FSO. If in doubt, it's been tested and works with this build.

Download (29 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 643