TAC 7 - cargo/sentry with flak turrets v1.0

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Author: Shivan Hunter

"In need of an inexpensive solution to the problem of the GTVA's superior fighters, NTF engineers cobbled these monstrosities together out of spare and unused parts in Deneb shipyards. The TAC 7 sports thick hull plating and two powerful flak cannons capable of ripping most fighters to shreds. A common tactic is for the NTF to dock several TAC 7's in series to the front of an Argo-class transport. This deadly amalgamation has been seen escorting NTF convoys and leading attack runs, and is always a fearsome sight for any pilot on the battlefield."

Quick stats:
-Radius: ~40m
-HP: 2500
-two "heavy flak" turrets
-two dockpoints at either end

If you're using the MediaVPs, you won't need the included maps. Just delete them. Read the readme.txt for details.

Download (194 KB)

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