Iron Hawk 2 Sunrider v?

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Author: Titan


From release thread:

This is the Sunrider, in the Iron Hawk range of fighters from the Starr Corporation. The fact that I have not made any other fighters in this range in no way diminishes their existence. It’s a civilian “Armed Transport” – basically a small, light ship designed to shuttle one or two people around a system, but armed because, hell, it’s Freespace. Everything has guns. In essence, it’s the FS equivalent of a modern day Cessna. In combat, I guess it’s kind of a Terran Anubis – all it really has going for it is manoeuvrability – it’s speed is nothing special, shields and armour are pathetic, it has crappy weapons compatibility and really tiny missile bays. Have fun!

Things to note:

- This mod has been extensively tested. Of course, when I say “Extensively” I mean “Minimally”. It runs, FS doesn’t crash. Beyond that, who really knows.
- It has no afterburner. This is not a mistake or an accident, but a conscious admission. If you want one, add one.
- It has no docking point for a support ship – this too is by choice, as I’m hoping the SCP will one day soonish implement some sort of non-crashy way of making ships without support ship dockpoints simply un-rearmable rather than crash FSable

Download (1 MB)

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