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Author: Ransom Arceihn


15th December 2004
Author: Ransom Arceihn
Missions: 39
Mods included:
StratComm's Hedetet

SCP Required


Two years after narrowly escaping death in an uncharted nebula, three mercenaries are hired to escort a duo of freighters to the Betelgeuse system. It quickly becomes clear that this is no ordinary mission; pirates beset them at every step of their journey, wave after wave, not responding to hails or backing off even when the GTVA steps in.

Then they reach their destination. You lose control of your ship, a subspace tunnel opens ...

Propelled into a distant galaxy populated by beings alien and yet disturbingly familiar, the mercenaries struggle to survive long enough to reunite with the others. But something's waiting just out of sight, watching them, recording their movements as they creep through this starlit graveyard ...

There are many secrets buried here.

Sync is the first chapter of a three-part story.

Sync lacks any sort of introduction. The first mission abruptly drops you into a nebula defending a corvette named Tether from mysterious pirates.

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