Aeos Affair - With Lightspeed Nebulae

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Author: Derek "PickelHead" Pickering

Author: Derek "PickelHead" Pickering
Missions: 10
Mods included: None
Game: FreeSpace 2


From the campaign website:
This is a series of ten missions based on the 5 star mission "Exodus of Force".

No Mods! Everyone can use it! However, it includes new tech like:

* Minelayers

* Artificial jump gates (NOT a Knossos)

* New AI behaviors

* Many other surprises…

These missions were designed to be much more difficult than standard Freespace 2 missions. These missions are meant to be hard, but not impossible.

These missions were created to challenge elite players. The recommended difficulty setting is "Easy". Crazy people with suicidal tendencies may attempt the missions at higher levels, but be advised that your chances are slim. Note that all of the missions have been tested and all are winnable. On the "Very Easy" level, all objectives of all missions can be completed. Are you good enough?

Download (252 KB)

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