Dual-layer global nebula skybox v08-04-18

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Author: Herra Tohtori

Skybox with tiled starfield layer and a transparent, spherically mapped nebula layer. New version includes DDS versions of the starfield textures, so it's basically smaller and faster with negligible quality loss (not noticeable in-game in my opinion).

For use to complement the nebula system whenever a global nebula is needed instead of multiple individual nebulas dropped all over the place.



*skybox model file

*4096^2 resolution starfield, my personal preference to the one in MediaVP's mostly because I often use narrow field of view settings and then the higher resolution becomes advantageous. Otherwise, not necessary - the model can use the starfield0001.dds in the MediaVP's just as well.

*4096x2048 nebula texture.

*2048x1024 nebula texture for GPU's that have 2048^2 as texture size limit. Looks almost as good as the high-res version... if you're not picky about the loss of finest detail.

*take a vacation in scenic surroundings (aka sample mission).

Feel free to use and distribute all parts of this package along with your projects. All I ask is that if you use this particular nebula texture on your project, please give due credit. The model and starfield I don't really care all that much about - the former is half ripped from MediaVP's in the first place and the inner sphere is just a TrueSpace-added sphere with spherical UV-mapping, and starfields aren't all that special - but I'm rather happy with how that nebula texture turned out after all.

Special thanks to Zacam for converting the nebula textures into DDS that doesn't utterly and completely rape the smooth gradient detail.

Download (6 MB)

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