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Author: Nicole "Dynamo" Hoying


Three years have passed since the collapse of the Sol jump nodes. The Galactic Terran Alliance have just successfully completed their counterstrike against the confused Shivan forces. But now, things are going bad for the GTA. Shivan ships are pushing back in to reclaimed systems, in higher numbers than during the first months of the Great War. With the Terrans and Vasudans still recovering from the loss of key bases and ship yards, the Shivans are preparing for the next great push over.

You are one of the many pilots stationed at Galatea Station in the Vasuda system. As a seasoned veteran of the 14-year war, you look at your new assignment as one of confusion, as you are now sworn to protect the very system you vowed to destroy. Things go slowly on the station. You spend most of your time protecting the construction of the Vasuda 5 Shipyards, the largest Terran-Vasudan shipyard ever built. From the new shipyards, the T-V alliance plans to take the fight to the Shivan homeworld.

While conducting a routine attack on HOL cruisers near the jump to Antares, a pair of GTD Orion class destroyers jump out of the middle of nowhere. Where did these ships come from? What happened to the crew? What will become of the GTA?

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