Twist of Fate Demo - Including Hyperion Patch (FSP)

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Author: Woolie Wool


At long last (more than one year), I present you the demo for chapter 1 of Twist of Fate. Originally started as a mod using only the mediavps as a base, Twist of Fate was changed to being a mod for FSPort to reduce the size and complexity of the mod data. Twist of Fate is based on a sort of alternate history for the FS universe. In this history, the Ancients defeated the SD Lucifer 8,000 years ago, and, ultimately, defeated the Shivans themselves. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're not an Ancient, because these guys were Bad News), the Knossos portal was heavily damaged during the war, cutting them off completely from what is now Terran-Vasudan space. Rather than build another Knossos, the Ancients chose to expand their empire elsewhere.

Now it is spring 2335, and the Terran-Vasudan War shows no signs of stopping. There are no Shivans to bring them together. and it seems that the war will continue to its gruesome conclusion. You are a pilot on the GTD Powell, an old Hestia-class destroyer dating to the 2290s. The Powell has been deployed to Beta Aquilae after the Vasudans drove the GTA out of Antares. It's going to be a long war, pilot. A very long war.

FS2_Open build from summer/fall 2007 or later. Twist of Fate uses functionality not supported by the 3.6.9 release.
FSPort 3.0.4 with all optional enhancements (see for FSPort downloads, although you should have FSPort 3.0.4 anyway because it kicks ass)
The 3.6.10 beta mediavps, plus the Lightspeed nebula pack if your computer cannot support mv_advancedeffects (
You must use 3.6.10 mediavps. 3.6.8 Zeta is NOT supported and WILL cause missing textures due to filename changes in the new version.

Make sure your FSPort mod directory is named "fsport". Unzip the contents of this zip file to your FS2 directory--the zip contains the mod folder already, so there is no need to create one yourself. Select the "tof" directory from your launcher, or use -mod mediavps,fsport,tof if you use another OS, and launch FS2_Open.

Included in this demo
All the Terran and Vasudan technology from early to mid 2335, including many ships and weapons not seen in FS1, such as the Thor heavy assault fighter and Cobra aspect-seeking missile.
Full use of SCP features, above and beyond that of FSPort.
Four intense missions, plus modified versions of FS1's Terran and Vasudan Gauntlets
Frantic, fast-paced space combat with no shields
Multiplayer-ready if anyone decides to make multiplayer missions for it (none are included, but the ship tables are set up so that a multiplayer mission should be FREDable and playable right out of the box)
A secret, better ending for the fourth mission for those who figure out the special trick needed to achieve it

The FSPort team for creating FSPort
The TVWP team for models, textures, sounds, effects, and minor HUD elements
The Babylon Project team for effects, sounds, and missile models
Woomeister for models, sounds, and textures
Galemp for HTL Apollo
Herra Tohtori for GTF Valkyrie textures
Turambar for textures
DaBrain for effects
Aldo_14 for models and textures
TrashMan for models and textures
Sesquipedalian for the PVCa Udjat model
Nuke for interface art and effects
Lightspeed for really old mediavps thruster effects
StratComm for model conversion of GTB Diana
Koth, Marduk, and Tinman for beta testing and feedback

Download (26 MB)

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