Velocity Mod Release 2

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Author: Sushi

Basically all this does is increase the speed of all of the FS ships by a factor of two, and adjusts acceleration and rotation to be somewhat in proportion. All original numbers were multiplied by the same factor.

To install, just unzip into the data\tables directory.
To remove-just delete them!

Choose your favorite dogfighting mission and dig in!

Specifics on the multipliers:

Max Speed factor: 2.0
AB max speed: 2.0
Max Overclock SPeed factor: 2.0
Accel Factor: 1.25 (note: slide accel was NOT changed)
Decel Factor: 1.25
AB Accel factor: 1.25
XYRotation Factor: 1.5 (on all ships where turn time <20)
ZRotation Factor: 1.0 (The ships rotation speed is unchanged)
Weapon Speed factor: 2.0
Weapon Mass Factor: 0.5

Download (235 KB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 688